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26 May 2009 @ 04:23 pm
Mounting the Liberty Elm Plaque on a Rock  

The baby American Liberty Elm is still doing great! It's covered with small, less than 1" long leaves that make me very nostalgic since I grew up surrounded by huge elms in southside inner-city Minneapolis. I hadn't realized I missed elms.

When we got the tree we also received a nice brass plaque with the tree's breed and its propagation year, so I installed this rock to mount the plaque on. Basically I just dug a large hole and buried all but the top 1/3 of the rock. I wanted it to be stable and permanent, but also easily moved in later years if the tree starts to crowd it.

To drill holes for mounting the plaque we used a Hilti TE 16 rotary hammer drill I got at the Goodwill in Woodland Park, Colorado for $20. A lot of Goodwills are overly anal about what they'll accept and you'd never find anything that cool there, but this particular store was really great! I got a ton of good stuff there. Lead anchors were inserted after a pair of holes large enough to accept them had been drilled. Then the plaque was attached with #10 brass screws. Brass so it wouldn't rust, and lead because, according to my Spouse, that is the type to use with brass screws.

Tada! Makes me feel like I live in a fancy conservatory or something. No, really! (hehe)

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